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Frequently Asked Questions2017-06-03T14:11:30+00:00
Q: Can my custom home plan be built in modular form?2014-11-12T21:57:41+00:00

A: There are certain restrictions in what can be built and transported in modular form. If you have a certain floor plan picked out, we can evaluate your plan for factory construction and then discuss what changes might be necessary.

Q: Will people be able to tell my home was built in a factory?2014-11-12T21:58:28+00:00

A: No. Once your home is on your foundation and the site work is complete, no one will know unless they saw the modules arrive on site. It is very difficult to tell any differences from a stick built home unless the noticed difference is the higher quality and better value for the dollar than your neighbors.

Q: Will my modular home hold its value over time?2014-11-12T21:58:51+00:00

A: Yes, just as well as a traditional site built home. As more data accumulates, it is apparent in many cases that a high quality modular home, because of the structural integrity, will hold its value better and appreciate at a more favorable rate than a comparably priced site built home.

Q: How do I finance my modular home purchase?2014-11-12T21:59:09+00:00

A: Most mortgage lending institutions treat modular homes the same way they treat a traditional site built home and offer the same mortgage options. We require your lender to provide construction draws typically 10% down to order the modular home, at the time the foundation/excavation is complete, when the home arrives on your site and a final draw at the completion of our contracted site work. Your lender should be able to help tailor a construction-lending package to meet your needs.

Q: Why choose modular over site built homes?2014-11-12T21:59:36+00:00

A: The modular construction process provides for a superior home. All homes are built Indoors, in a controlled environment. Modular manufacturers maintain a steady and experienced workforce throughout the year ensuring quality is maintained. All modular homes are factory inspected and third party inspected prior to delivery to ensure NYS standards and codes are met. No construction losses due to vandalism or burglary of site materials.

Q: What are systems-built modular homes?2014-11-12T21:59:54+00:00

A: Systems-built homes are built in a manufacturing facility in sections then transported to your home site 85-90% complete. Once your home reaches your lot, the sections are lifted onto your foundation by a crane. The set crew will then complete the modular set by tying in the roof sections and completing the roofing and ridge vent. Finish crews that complete the exterior siding and interior finish then follow the set crew.