Going Green2017-06-03T14:11:30+00:00

 What does modulars being GREEN mean?

  • Eco houseNo waste with plant materials – all lumber not used is recycled
  • Modular manufacturing minimizes lumber waste due to precise cutting
  • Reduction of noise, dust and damage to existing site landscaping and neighborhoods
  • Plant manufacturing centralizes trade workers and reduces vehicular emissions from travel to and from distant construction sites.
  • Modular manufacturing creates a thermally efficient building shell
    • Walls have high R value insulation
    • Ceilings have R30-R38 R-value insulation without formaldehyde
    • Sheetrock is glued and screwed with foam along outside studs
    • Plumbing and wiring access holes are sealed with putty to create a complete insulation envelope
    • Modular design takes advantage of open floor plans wherever possible to increase cross ventilation and decrease heating costs
  • Commodes installed use less water
  • All windows installed are Low-E
  • Use engineered wood products such as O.S.B. or plywood.  These products are made from small-diameter trees or waste from wood-processing operations thus conserving higher-quality timber.
  • Use durable exterior siding material and roofing materials….modulars use vinyl siding and 30 year architectural shingles for longevity and durability
  • Continuous shingle over ridge vent at roof ensures attic ventilation