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  • Modular Homes Clifton Park, NY - Saratoga Springs, NY 1Building a modular home in the Northeast costs 10-20% less than conventional stick built construction and will be completed faster.
  • By completing your home faster, you will incur lower interest costs on your construction loan.
  • Modular homes are built year round, inside a factory, using a stable skilled workforce.
  • With new computer aided design capabilities, your home can be customized easily to suit your lifestyle.
  • Building inside a factory reduces the chance your project will be subjected to the elements, thereby causing damage to your subfloor, roof rafters, etc.
  • Green building: all leftover materials used in building a modular home are recycled. (wire, wood, etc)
  • To facilitate faster construction, the wall studs are precut. This also reduces waste. By ordering construction materials in bulk quantities, the factory saves money – which is passed onto you.
  • There are no construction delays due to theft of onsite materials. All building materials are kept inside secure warehouse facilities.